Leadership Team

Meet the Team

Michelle Covi

Assistant Director for Outreach
Assistant Professor of Practice
Ocean Earth and Atmospheric Studies | Virginia Sea Grant extension staff
757-683-6598 |

Larry Atkinson

Assistant Director for Research
Professor and Eminent Scholar, Ocean Earth and Atmospheric Studies
757-683-4926 |

Wie Yusuf

Assistant Director for Education
Associate Professor, Public Service
757-683-4437 |

Carol Considine

Program Head for Flooding and Built Environments
Associate Professor
Engineering Technology
757-683-3783 |

Joshua Behr

Program Head for Social Science and Policy of Coastal Resilience
Research Associate Professor
Virginia Modeling, Analysis & Simulation Center
757-638-6564 |

Steven Becker

Program Head for Health Dimensions of Coastal Resilience
Professor, Community & Environmental Health
757-683-5447 |

Tom Allen

Program Head for Sea Level Rise and Climate Science
Professor, Political Science & Geography
757-683-6059 |