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Coastal Resilience and Adaptation Economy Consortium

The Coastal Resilience and Adaptation Economy Consortium events/meetings share a variety of materials and resources that relate to furthering coastal adaptation & resilience. See below for more

Past Events/Meetings

Strategy Development for Public Infrastructure Investment (JLUS) - March 3rd, 2022

Event Recording March 3rd)

What Lies Beneath: Geotechnics and Hydrology (Groundwater) - February 17th, 2022

Event Recording (February 17th)

Defining the Urban Water Tech Sector – Flood Sensors and Mapping - February 3rd, 2022

Event Recording (February 3rd)

Fight the Flood Seminar - January 12th, 2022

Event Recording (January 12th)
PowerPoints & More

Infrastructure Investment Opportunities Working Group Meeting - December 16th, 2021

Local Best Practices Working Group Meeting - December 2nd, 2021

Resources & Capabilities Working Group Meeting - November 4th, 2021

Hurricane Risks & Business Opportunities in Resilience & Adaptation - September 23rd, 2021

Contact Info:

Carol Considine, Director of Applied Projects (CCRFR), Institute for Coastal Adaptation & Resilience