Health Dimensions of Coastal Resilience

Protecting people’s health is vital - now and into the future

Sea level rise and other new challenges facing coastal communities can profoundly affect the well-being of individuals, neighborhoods, and entire regions. For this reason, one of ICAR’s primary areas of emphasis is on health.

The Health Dimensions of Coastal Resilience unit analyzes emerging health issues facing coastal areas, and works closely with communities, medical and public health agencies, first responders, emergency planners, and others to effectively meet these developing challenges.

Our efforts aim to help protect and enhance health in coastal communities

  1. expand our scholarly and practical understanding of health implications caused by sea level rise and other new challenges
  2. use research to find and develop prevention strategies wherever possible
  3. apply knowledge to strengthen preparedness, sustainability, and resilience

Focus areas

  • Health implications of rising sea levels and increased flooding
  • Prepare public health and healthcare personnel to meet the challenges of sea level rise
  • Disaster preparedness and response
  • Climate change and health (including mosquito-borne illness, heat-related illness, and impacts on food, water, and air)
  • Safeguard critical infrastructure and hazardous materials during coastal flooding and other events
  • Marine pollution and coastal health
  • Vulnerable populations and emerging coastal health challenges
  • Crisis and emergency risk communication for new health threats

For further information please contact

Steven M. Becker, PhD

Health Dimensions of Coastal Resilience unit
ODU Institute for Coastal Adaptation and Resilience

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